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eye contour crème


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multi-tasking turbo eye crème designed to lift the eye area, reduce

the appearance of wrinkles, fatty deposits, dark circles and puffiness.


+ minimizes under eye circles, bags and puffiness (flavonoid hesperidin: active molecule bag lift) (prolines (amino acids), (haloxyl), (vitamin c)

+ lifting, firming and wrinkle reduction (peptides: (flavinoids), (peptides: (argireline and matrixyl), (prolines), (copper, iron, magnesium, zinc)

+ brightening and reduction of melanin synthesis (vitamin c: bv-osc),
+ reduces trans-epidermal water loss (jojoba, mimosa, sunflower), (pentavitin),

(pentiol), (amino acid blend), (palm oil)
+ soothing and calming (mugwort and algae extract), (wild chamomile), (pure vitamin e)


+ turbo eye cream containing 55 active ingredients

+ focuses on wrinkles, tone, elasticity, lifting and dark circles

+ lightweight gel/cream texture absorbs easily while hydrating, soothing and protecting the delicate eye area

+ counters signs of aging immediately with lasting long term benefits
+ contains a balanced moisture magnet working according to your skin’s water loss as

well as retention (ie. if you are in a dessert, it will literally draw moisture in from the air into the eye area)

+ excellent to treat ‘marionette line’ around the lip area.


+ for all skin types.
+ gently apply a small amount around the orbit of the eye with your fingertips day/night. + may be applied over serum and/or face oil
+ can be used around the lip area and ‘marionette’ lines
+ refrigerate for extra cooling and de-pu