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Ta´if is an intoxicating and audacious rose scent from the town of Ta´if which sits above the shores of the Red sea and overlooks the Arabian desert. This perfume dislikes daylight preferring dusk, the night, parties, promises and assignations. It is an opulent composition which makes a bold entrance and is confident enough to sweep everyone else to one side - a real belle of the ball.

Brought to life in 2004, Taif is Ormonde Jayne's utterly seductive and exotic scent, defying all expectations of a rose perfume. Opening with sparkling top notes of pink pepper, saffron and dates, its opulent heart of freesia, orange blossom absolute, jasmine & Taif rose oil emerges. The Taif roses are picked in April at dawn, before the buds open. Their unforgettable drydown with broom & amber, leaves you hopelessly hooked. Ormonde Jayne's perfumer Linda Pilkington has added notes of dates and saffron to create this distinctive and addictive floriental.