Velvet Blossom Botany Ambiance Candle 300 g


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300 gr Candle with essential oils of French Lavender, Madagascarian Ylang Ylang, Egyptian Geranium and Indian Sandalwood

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Sensual and defined.

This intoxicating concoction is a passionate rendez-Vous of the opulent Queen of tropical flowers, ylang ylang, and the earthy traditions of French lavender. Seductive accents are fused into an alluring charm of Egyptian geranium, intensifying a tenacious romance that lingers with woody musk undertones of Indian sandalwood.

Pañpuri Signature Botany Ambiance Candles are richly infused with 100% pure plant essential oils and the finest blend of high-quality botanical waxes of soy and palm. Approximately 90 hours burn time.